2002 -2005 Ford Thunderbird 3pc Hardtop Protection Trim

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2002 -2005 Ford Thunderbird 3pc Hardtop Protection Trim

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Product Description

Add a customized look to your with QAA's 3 piece stainless steel hardtop protection trim.

Does the hardtop on your Ford Thunderbird rattle when you go over a bump? Have you noticed abrasions and scratches to the paint after taking the hardtop off? Thousands of proud Ford Thunderbird owners have this problem and have tried to find solutions to fix the problem. Unfortunately Ford hasn't come up with much of a solution but to offer a plastic mylar film place over the area where the hardtop sits. Over time the strip will wear out.

At Quality Auto Accessories, we have found a great solution that is practical and attractive. Our 3 piece hardtop protection trim is a perfect blend of form and function. Once installed, you will notice less if any rattling from the hardtop, no more scratching or abrasions and your T-bird will look amazing!

Installing our trim is easy. When you follow our instructions for installing our product you can be confident that our trim will stay on for the life of your vehicle. That is because we use 3M vehicle attachment tape on all our stainless steel accessories for the strongest and most secure bond possible.

More About Stainless Steel Trim

  • Made from high quality stainless steel polished to a high shine and resembles chrome
  • Our trim are fully self-adhesive
  • Uses 3M Adhesive for a strong and secure bond.
  • Will match your existing chrome trim and add style to your vehicle.
  • Protects your car from nicks and scratches.
  • Installation is easy and straight forward.

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