2007-2012 Ford Edge Wheel Well Fender Trim

Item# WQ47610-edge


2007-2012 Ford Edge Wheel Well Fender Trim

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Product Description

Add an elegant look to your 2007-2012 Ford Edge 4 piece stainless steel self-adhesive wheel well trim.

Our adhesive wheel well trim are flat and installed on the fenders using adhesive so there is no drilling or fasteners required. The polished stainless steel is bright and resembles chrome trim. The result is a streamlined look that is unique and desirable.

Installing our wheel well trim is easy. When you follow our instructions for installing our product you can be confident that our trim will stay on for the life of your vehicle. That is because we use 3M vehicle attachment tape on all our stainless steel accessories for the strongest and most secure bond possible.

More About Wheel Well Trim w/ Adhesive

We offer a wheel well trim usually 3/4” wide with an adhesive back and sticks right onto the side vehicle. The trim is almost flush with the car and has a very low profile. Each wheel well is lined with a black rubber gasket to enhance the appearance of the trim.

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